Membership Benefits

APRA is affiliated with a council of CPIA, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association. APRA and CPIA are committed to the responsible use and recovery of plastic resources. APRA works in close cooperation with CPIA and both share a common overall mission.

APRA was incorporated as an Alberta non-profit society in May 1991. Its
membership consists of:

  • plastics resin producers;
  • plastic manufacturers, fabricators and converters;
  • packagers and fillers of plastic products;
  • wholesalers and retailers of plastic products and products in plastics packaging; plastics recyclers and the recycling community.

As a member of APRA, Alberta’s own plastics advocacy group, you will join like-minded individuals seeking solutions to unique industry challenges. Stay on top of solid waste and recycling issues that directly affect your business.
APRA acts on its members’ behalf including:

  • Regular interaction with Provincial and Municipal Government in Alberta and out-reach to government in Western Canada to address plastics issues
  • Cooperation with, and support from, Alberta’s DAOs charged with administration of mandated programs like deposit containers, used-oil, electronics
  • Active participation in AlbertaCARE and the Recycling Council of Alberta
  • Contact with generators of waste plastics, not only at the municipal level but also pre and post-industrial
  • Oversight of Fee for Service or contract study work on specific areas of concern
  • Involvement with pilot projects, field trials and other efforts to identify and direct feedstocks, to APRA members whenever possible
  • Communication with media to highlight good news about progressive 4Rs programs to deal with waste plastics and counter mis-information

Alberta Plastics Recycling AssociationAPRA – the face of waste plastics solutions in Alberta for the past 28 years.

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