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The following is a list including NGOs, regulators, government groups and other organizations involved with recycling. Find out what services they offer and visit their websites for more information.

Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC)

Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation is a not-for-profit agent of beverage manufacturers, and operates a common collection system for registered containers. ABCRC ensures the recycling of containers, and promotes economic and efficient recovery of beverage containers. Visit the website for container recycling rates and information about the Go Green Team, MT School Program and resources for not-for-profit groups.

Alberta Coordinated Action for Recycling Enterprises (CARE)

Alberta Coordinated Action for Recycling Enterprises (CARE) strives to coordinate recycling and waste management initiatives in Alberta in a pro-active and effective manner. Alberta CARE develops partnerships that will bring together diverse interests for the purpose of generating sustainable economic development opportunities for recycling in Alberta.

Alberta Used Oil Management Association (AUOMA)

AUOMA operates the industry-led stewardship program facilitating the reuse, recycling and recovery of used oil, oil filters, and containers in Alberta. It was created as a delegated administrative organization (DAO) by the Government of Alberta in 1997, and reports to the Minister of Environment and Parks on its performance.
The program is funded through an environmental handling charge remitted by first sellers and importers of oil products, including original equipment manufacturers for factory-filled vehicles.
Its success is owed to committed partnerships with its members, registered collectors and processors, other DAOs, recycling associations, the Government of Alberta, and similar regulated Used Oil Management Associations across Canada.
Jodi Tomchyshyn London
Executive Director
(780) 414-1510

Alternative Plastic Products Manufacturing Inc.

Alternative Plastic Products Mfg. Inc. manufactures plastic lumber in a number of different profiles from 1 inch to 8.5 inch and fence posts from 3″ to 6″ in diameter. All the manufactured products are made from post consumer waste plastics. Alternative also brokers chipped or baled post-industrial and post-consumer waste plastics.

Blue Planet Recycling

Blue Planet Recycling provides post-industrial plastic recycling solutions for various manufacturing, oil & gas and other industries.  They specialize in packaging from the chemical industries (barrels, drums, IBC totes), HDPE pipe, HDPE liner from ponds and other industrial used plastics.
Sebastien van Wollen, President


Helping farmers keep their communities clean is what we do. CleanFARMS works with municipalities and ag-retailers across Alberta to collect and recycle empty agricultural pesticide and fertilizer containers. Alberta farmers recycle more than 1 million empty containers through this industry-funded program per year, keeping valuable plastic out of landfills and recycling it into new materials. CleanFARMS also offers an obsolete agricultural pesticide and animal health medication collection program and is exploring additional programs to recycle other types of agricultural plastic and packaging.
Barry Friesen
General Manager

Hoffman Consulting

Hoffman Consulting provides over 24 years of experience in the fields of Waste Diversion, Recycling Programs, Recycling Agreements, Strategic Planning, Business Planning and Board Governance. Lyle works with municipalities, waste authorities, recycling companies and environmental groups throughout Alberta to achieve sustainable programs & operations. Lyle’s vast network of contacts in these fields allows him to say “If I don’t immediately have an answer to your question, I know someone who will”.
Lyle Hoffman

Hughes Environmental

Hughes Environmental Services Ltd. evaluates waste & recycling volumes and waste and recycling handling methods. We design, supply, install, and maintain waste and recycling systems throughout Western Canada.

Merlin Plastics

Merlin Plastics is western Canada’s largest post-consumer and post-industrial plastics processor. Merlin Plastics accepts and recycles the following grades of plastics: #1 PET, #2 HDPE, #4 LDPE, #5 PP, # 6 PS, & #7 other plastics such as PC, TPO, etc. Our organization partners with local public and private collectors, recyclers and individual commercial generators of recyclable plastics. For more information please call Darryl Wolski at 403-993-8033.

Polycycle Environmental Inc.

PolyCycle is a leading plastics recycler in Western Canada. With over 25 years in the industry, PolyCycle accepts #1 PET (eg. bottles, containers, strapping), #2 HDPE (eg. bottles, containers, pails, pipe, IBC, geo liner), #3 PVC (eg. window profile, containers), #4 LDPE (eg. bottles, containers, barrels, pipe, geo liner), #5 PP (eg. film scrap, lumps, stretch wrap, pip), #6 PS (eg. containers, trays, crates, bulk bags), and #7 Other plastics (eg. polycarbonate sheet, acrylic, ABS pipe, car bumpers) for recycling. PolyCycle partners with all organizations who generate recyclable plastics including collectors, recyclers, government, institutional, commercial and industry. PolyCycle has assisted a variety of organizations in developing efficient and cost effective recycling programs, designed to recover plastics for recycling. PolyCycle works to capture the value of recoverable plastics, in an attempt to offer competitive pricing to the generator. For more information see our website
Kevin Kernaghan


Rundle Eco Services Ltd. was formed in August 2017 with the focus to recycle frac pond and pit liners used in the oil and gas industry. Liners are collected and processed to be recycled with an advanced technological system, leaving a clean environmental foot print. The HDPE and LLDPE (poly) is shredded and processed into pellets that then can be extruded into various forms of usable plastic products including furniture, various building materials, industrial packaging etc. Liners are cleaned on site and must be free of contaminates before Rundle Eco Services can proceed with recycling.
Mike Rutherford

Simplas Inc.

Simplas Inc. is involved in many aspects of the plastics recycling industry including awareness and education. Simplas works with manufacturers, distributors, and installers to conduct recycling potential assessments; creating and documenting post-consumer and post industrial waste diversion programs at private, and government facilities. Simplas specializes in Poly Ethylene and PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) products such as piping, tanks, siding and custom profiles.  They also buy and sell various other plastics. See attached plastic pipe recycling brochure for more information about simplas.

The Alberta Recycling Management Authority

The Alberta Recycling Management Authority (Alberta Recycling) is a not-for-profit association responsible for managing Alberta’s tire, electronics and paint recycling programs.  The organization reports to the Minister of Environment and Parks, and is run by a Board of Directors representing many stakeholder groups. For more information on the recycling programs please visit
Elizabeth Gray
Public Information Manager
1-888-999-8762 or 780-990-1111

The Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA)

The Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) is a not-for-profit, non-political organization formed in 1987, and approved as an official charity in 1995. The RCA’s mission is to promote and facilitate waste reduction, recycling, and resource conservation in the Province of Alberta.
Christina Seidel

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