Alberta remains committed to implementing an extended producer responsibility (EPR) framework and EPR systems for single-use products, packaging and paper products (PPP) and hazardous and special products (HSP). AEP is taking a little more time necessary to get the regulatory details right – this means the regulation will be shifting from spring 2022 until fall 2022. The additional time will support effective regulatory design.

AEP does not intend to compress implementation timelines. It is important to ensure the regulation is designed well, and it is equally important to ensure producers have sufficient time to establish effective EPR systems. Once an EPR regulation comes into force, there will be 28 months to allow for producers and Producer Responsibility Organizations to establish collection systems and register with the EPR Oversight Body.

Town Halls

Stakeholders have shared they value the ongoing town hall sessions to ensure they have an opportunity to ask questions to understand how EPR is proposed to be implemented in Alberta and how it will impact their organization. AEP is committed to continuing these information sessions. Please see an updated town hall schedule for the summer, below.

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Town Hall Schedule

Date Topic
Thursday, July 28

1:30 – 2:30 (MST)

Municipal Contracts and Infrastructure Assets
Thursday, August 18

1:30 – 2:30 (MST)

EPR Oversight Body