September 16 – Published in the Edmonton Journal. Op-ed by Tammy Schwass
Canadians have relied on the sanitary benefits of plastic during the coronavirus pandemic, with some reports showing upwards of a 250-per-cent increase in single-use plastic. As Albertans, we are part of that statistic and we know this trend is expected to continue with plastics as the go-to material that is lightweight, cost-effective and essential for our health and safety. While plastic use increases, there’s a little-known fact that Alberta is experiencing a surge in plastics sustainability.

Many stakeholders, focused on finding solutions to address plastic waste, have come together to manage environmental outcomes and capture lost value from the material. The goal is a circular economy for plastics — where materials are designed for reuse and recycling and producers demand recycled content for their products. This means reducing plastic waste by being smarter about how it is managed.