Christa Seaman

Christa Seaman
Acting Vice President,
Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

Christa has been supporting the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada since Sept 2021 and is currently the Acting Vice President, Plastics.

Christa has over 20 years of experience across the public and private sector with a focus on policy analysis and advocacy, government relations and communication. She has been engaged in policy and regulatory development for the last eighteen years, including participating on numerous multi-stakeholder advisory committees.

She has led many challenging files such as climate change, hydraulic fracturing, and oil sands from both a policy and reputation perspective. It was Canada’s leadership of the G7 and the formation of the Ocean Plastics Charter and the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment’s work on Zero Plastic Waste in 2018, that started Christa’s engagement and leadership on plastics policy in Canada.