Aqueduct Water Systems

Aqueduct Water Systems is innovating the way we supply and dispense salable drinking water. Its utility patented water tank utilizes the ubiquity of 5 gallon jugs in a series to increase convenience, accessibility, and widen the customer base for water jugs so fresh high quality water can be provided with ZERO SINGLE USE and +2000% Profit Margins per serving!

Our most notable successes were serving off-grid hydration at marathons in Vero Beach, FL, Premium water refill station for the NFL Honors red carpet at So-Fi Stadium 2022 Super Bowl in Los Angeles, CA, and providing WaterAid Nicaragua with hand washing stations for +30k locals keeping safe from COVID. Aqueduct Water Systems has been recognized as one of the first 25 organizations to support the Government of Canada's Net-Zero Challenge. The recently released Standard on the Disclosure of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Setting of Reduction Targets recommends the Net-Zero Challenge as a method for companies to meet sustainability requirements for government contracts over $25 million.

We are a Father and Son team, John and Chad Midnight. John has 40+ years of serial-entrepreneur success in hospitality and large events. Chad is a Canadian G20 YEA Delegate, Business Advisor, and Sustainable Event Committee member. In 2022, Chad co-authored the G20 Hamburg communique calling for support for further targeted financing of ecological and sustainable entrepreneurship. Focusing on clean water supply, funding LCA assessments, reusables, alleviating red tape on recycling and upcycling, and better support for circular economies.

BOMET Polymer

BOMET Polymer Solutions is a dedicated E-Scrap Plastics processor with operations in Brantford, Ontario and Albion, New York from 2020.

We aim to be the leading E-Plastics recycler in North America providing domestics plastics solutions to the Electronic recycling industry. We process a nearly full range of E-Plastics, with our comprehensive sorting system, as well as grinding and pelletizing capacity. We also handle other Mixed Rigid Plastics.

We pride ourselves as a Premier Supplier of PCR ABS in North America, we also generate HIPS, PC/ABS.

We look forward to working with all parties within and beyond the supply chain to contribute to Circular Economy, by collaborating and innovating with full passion.

Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada is the association for leaders in Canada’s chemistry and plastic sectors. Chemistry and plastics are the third-largest industry in Canada – responsible for $94 billion in shipments in 2021 and employs 173,200 people. The Association represents close to 200 members and partners across the country. We provide coordination and leadership on key issues including innovation, investment, plastics, taxation, health and safety, environment, and regulatory initiatives.


Cleanfarms is a non-profit agricultural industry stewardship organization that contributes to a healthier environment and a sustainable future for Canadian agriculture by developing and operating programs across Canada specifically for farmers that collect used ag plastics for recycling, as well as other ag-related used and unwanted materials for recycling or safe disposal.

Dow Chemicals

For 80 years, Dow has been proudly innovating in Canada. We develop basic chemicals and plastics used to make a broad range of innovative and technology-based products and solutions in the packaging, industrial and infrastructure, and consumer care industries.

Dow Canada is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and has manufacturing facilities in Alberta and Ontario.

Dow has outlined a clear path to decarbonize our manufacturing facilities while growing and delivering low carbon products to customers. Dow's proposed Fort Saskatchewan Path2Zero expansion project will create the world's first net-zero carbon emissions integrated ethylene cracker and derivatives site with respect to scope 1 and 2 carbon dioxide emissions.

EFS Plastics

EFS is a recycler and processor of mixed plastics specializing in class 2,4 and 5 and a producer of 100% PCR resin pellets.

Founded in 2007, Environmentally Friendly Solutions, better known as EFS-plastics Inc. has more than 25 years of experience in post-consumer plastic recycling between Germany and Canada. Located in Listowel, Ontario, in a 75,000 square foot facility on 10.6 acres of land, and a 90,000 square foot facility in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, we divert 70,000,000 lbs/year from landfills. The company now has a location in Lethbridge, AB.

See the corporate website for more details:


Ingenia Polymers is composed of two complementary business units. Our Primary Producer Division provides thermoplastic custom compounding, size reduction, custom densified additive blend solutions and product development support for resin producers. Our Proprietary Product Division provides a full array of engineered products such as white and black Masterbatches, additive and color concentrates as well as specialty products that serve the rotomolding, pipe and film market segments.

Merlin Plastics

Merlin Plastics is western Canada’s largest post-consumer and post-industrial plastics processor. Merlin Plastics accepts and recycles the following grades of plastics: #1 PET, #2 HDPE, #4 LDPE, #5 PP, # 6 PS, & #7 other plastics such as PC, TPO, etc. Our organization partners with local public and private collectors, recyclers and individual commercial generators of recyclable plastics.

NAIT Applied Research

Plastics Research in Action (PRIA) is a $10 million, ten-year applied research partnership between Heartland Polymers and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) to advance the reuse and recycling of plastic in Canada. The partnership is focused on developing solutions to ensure that plastic waste is reused as a valuable resource in the development of other products, ultimately reducing their environmental impact and supporting a circular economy. PRIA is also creating practical opportunities for students and graduates to learn and use their skill set on impactful research.

Nova Chemicals

NOVA Chemicals is reshaping plastics for a better, more sustainable world. To achieve this, we are focused on the following:

  • Delivering innovative solutions to make everyday life healthier and safer
  • Being a catalyst for a low carbon, zero plastic waste future
  • Unlocking the full potential of our people and partnerships

Our industry-leading portfolio of virgin and recycled polyethylene resins and best-in-class technical expertise set us apart. Customers use our products to create easy-to-recycle and recycled content films, packaging, and products for various end-use applications. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, NOVA Chemicals is wholly owned by Mubadala Investment Company of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Learn more about our Polyethylene and Olefins businesses.

PetroChem Canada West

PetroChem West 

Alberta is Canada's largest refining and petrochemical cluster. With the province's abundant feedstock and transportations systems, this sector is poised to continue growing. New and existing operators are taking advantage of Alberta's energy resources and new government incentive programs to build new plants and expand operations, making Alberta a world hotspot for petrochemical and refining investment and growth.


PetroChem Canada•West brings together the western Canadian petrochemical, chemical, emerging biochemical manufacturers together with their supply chain and multiple levels of government to discuss the opportunities to expand and further develop a sustainable downstream sector in Alberta. Calgary, AB, March 29-30, 2023.

Visit the website for all the details.

Recycling Council of Alberta

The RCA's mission is to promote, facilitate and advocate for a Circular Economy in Alberta through waste reduction and resource conservation.

Through a consultative approach and support of the RCA Committees and partners (i.e., government, industry, stewardship organizations and other associations) and additional stakeholders, the RCA will pursue protection of the environment through resource conservation following the 3Rs hierarchy.

Styro-Go has developed the technology to offer recycling of polystyrene (EPS- commonly referred to by the brand name Styrofoam) in a cost-efficient method. Developing this technology on a mobile platform has given Styro-Go the flexibility to offer this much needed service over a far wider geographic area than previously possible in the most cost effective way possible.
Styro-Go's trucks are custom made self-contained recycling units. Each 5 ton truck can process and carry as much as 5 full size (53 foot) transport trailers of material- in just one small 5 ton truck! Our truck shows up, the loose material is put into our machine that crushes and densifies it- a ratio of 90:1. A 53 foot trailer of loose material will reduce in a few hours to half the size of a conventional fridge. The material goes through the machine, we pack the outflow into bricks about 1 cubic foot in size, each weighing about 60 lbs. These bricks (sometimes called "Ingots") are packed and wrapped on a pallet and offloaded at the warehouse ready to be shipped to a recycler.

Styro Re Cycle is a start-up company that is dedicated in reducing the flow of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) to the land fill. We densify EPS and are bring strategies into play for the more stigmatic EPS, we are a solution-based company located in Edmonton.

University of Alberta

Designing better bioplastics requires considerations from their production to their end-of-life

Dr. Dominic Sauvageau and Dr. Aman Ullah

Biodegradable polymers are often touted as attractive alternatives to petrochemically-sourced plastics. And while they certainly have desirable properties such as the potential for reduced environmental impacts, large-scale implementation of biodegradable polymers still depends on their economics, mechanical properties, recyclability and fate at their end-of-life. Our work aims to use a rational approach for the development of renewable, biodegradable polymeric materials for a wide range of applications; taking into consideration all aspects of their life cycle, from cradle to grave.

We develop processes for the production of renewable biodegradable polymers through the bioconversion of waste methane and methanol. This approach significantly reduces the cost and carbon footprint of biopolymers through the conversion of greenhouse gases. We then use biosourced, renewable biodegradable additives to improve and tailor the mechanical properties of these biopolymers based on specific applications (agricultural films, packaging materials). Finally, we control the bioplastic properties and develop enzymatic processes to facilitate the recycling, repurposing and environmental biodegradation of these materials.

This design-based approach to the production, processing and formulation of bio-based renewable plastics enables us to improve their economics and properties while controlling their fate at end-of-life.