Paul Shorthouse

Paul Shorthouse
Managing Director, Circular Economy Leadership Canada

Paul is one of Canada’s leading experts in the emerging circular economy, providing solutions and engaging leaders who are working at the intersection of business innovation, public policy, economic development, and sustainability. For over a decade, this work has placed him at the forefront of the important transition that is underway towards a greener, more prosperous, low-carbon economy.

In February 2021, Paul took on the role of Managing Director of the Circular Economy Leadership Canada (CELC), a network of leaders from all industries and sectors who are fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in Canada. In this role he will be the driving force behind the CELC’s Circular Economy Solution Series and the network’s efforts to amplify leading-edge work already underway in this space, while fostering innovation and synergies among business leaders, policymakers, academics, and other stakeholders to drive meaningful systems change.

This work is being done in collaboration with several partners including the GLOBE Series and The Delphi Group where Paul is a senior director and leads their Green and Circular Economy practice nation-wide. Paul is also Board Chair for the Synergy Foundation and Project Zero (a circular economy accelerator program on Vancouver Island).

Prior to this, Paul served as Managing Director of Vancouver-based GLOBE Advisors and was the Conference Director for the GLOBE Series (from 2009-2016), considered one of the largest sustainability events of its type in the world. He was also a founding Executive Member of the BC Home Performance Stakeholder Council, as well as a member of the Program Advisory Committees for BCIT’s School of Business and UBC’s Masters in Energy Leadership (MEL) Program.

Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Victoria, a Certificate in Environmental Stewardship from Camosun College, and a Diploma of Technology in Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship from BCIT’s School of Business.