Alberta Plastics Recycling Association

APRA facilitates partnerships and programs to advance circularity across the plastics value chain

Agricultural Plastics

The Agricultural Plastics Working Group (APRG) is operating the Ag Plastics: Recycle It! pilot for grain bags and twine. APRA continues to be an active participant and advocate for a permanent program.

Alberta Circular Plastics Day Held March 15, 2023

View the presentations and proceedings from experts across Alberta’s plastics value chain from our successful inaugural event.

Have Plastics to Recycle?

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Industry News & Events

APRA Members Only – Advocacy Responses

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) is developing a new National Standard of Canada (NSC), CSA R117 Plastics recycling: Definitions, measuring, and reporting. This standard will provide a common definitional framework and guidance for the planning,...

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Reducing Plastic Waste: A research endeavour

NAIT has partnered with Heartland Polymers and Inter Pipeline’s state-of-the-art polypropylene producer to orchestrate the PRIA (Plastics Research in Action) project. It's a 10-year, 10 million dollar project that will further research development to reuse and recycle...

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 Programs & Projects

 The Alberta Plastics Recycling Association is focused on advancing plastics circularity in Alberta. We have projects underway including a provincial pilot program to recycle grain bags and twine.

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FAQs and Links

Learn more about the invention of plastics, the challenges and opportunities for recycling and how it is made into new materials.
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Alberta Contacts

APRA members are knowledgeable processors and recyclers and can assist with recycling your plastics. Let them know what material you have (plastics id number if possible), how much you have and where you are located.  

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As a member of APRA, you will join like-minded individuals seeking solutions to advance a circular economy and face unique industry challenges together. Explore management and recycling opportunities.

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