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Alberta Plastics Recycling Association

Before you Contact APRA

If you have commercial volumes of plastic that you are looking to recycle we may be able to help. Please review the following questions before contacting us or send these details by email so we can be of more assistance.

  1. Check your plastics for information. Are there any identification codes (#1 through #7) or indication of type of plastic, i.e. Code #, HDPE or PVC or other? Do you have more than one type of plastic or other materials combined? Note any information you find.
  2. How and how often do you receive these plastics? Is your plastics waste a “one-time” occurrence (how much do you have now) or do you receive these types of materials regularly (how much do you generate in a month or a year)? If you don’t have weights or volumes try to quantify this by the amount you receive, i.e. one roll-off bin, a few semi-truck loads etc. Where are the materials located?
  3. Are you able to take photos of the plastics? If you can, please email these photos and make sure to include an item in relation to the objects to provide perspective on size. As an example, park a vehicle or have an employee stand beside the plastics.

We welcome your inquiries!

Mailing Address

Alberta Plastics Recycling Association
Airways R.P.O.
PO Box 56092
Calgary, AB T2E 8K5

Toll Free phone number: 1-855-939-2386

Tammy Schwass, Executive Director
Airways R.P.O.
PO Box 56092
Calgary, AB T2E 8K5

Board of Directors

Dave Schwass, President
NOVA Chemicals Corporation

Kevin Kernaghan, Secretary-Treasurer
PolyCycle Environmental

Joe Hruska, Director
Canadian Plastics Industry Association

John Reid, Director
Plasti-Fab Ltd

Darryl Wolski, Director
Merlin Plastics

Bryan Sullivan, Director

Barry Friesen, Director

Tom Moore, Director
Commission Manager, Westlock Regional Waste Management Commission