Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2024
Location: NAIT, Edmonton, AB
Productivity and Innovation Centre
10210 Princess Elizabeth Ave NW Edmonton

Schedule and Proceedings

8:15-9:00Welcome, exhibit viewing and breakfast
9:00-9:30Introduction, land acknowledgment, AEPA Minister's opening remarks
9:30-10:30Topic #1: How is government policy developed and how can it drive innovation? - “It’s Hip to be Square! Study up on the plastics industry rules and regulations”
10:30-11:00Break, exhibit viewing, networking
11:00-12:00Topic #2: Keeping Plastics out of the Environment and in the Economy - “Taking care of Business! Inspire your mind with ways to best manage plastics recycling in your daily operations”
12:30-1:15Poster session (Academic) & Exhibit Viewing
1:15-2:15Topic #3: Innovation and Pilot Projects - “Step by Step! Show off projects that are paving the way for plastics recycling innovation”
2:15-2:45Break, exhibit viewing, networking
2:45-3:45Topic #4: Success Stories - “We are the Champions! See what others have done to help advance the plastics circular economy”
3:45-3:55APRA Board & ED to provide closing remarks
4:00-6:00Networking reception, DEMO (upstairs)


Policy/Regulatory – It’s Hip to be Square! Study up on the plastics industry rules and regulations

Discussion of how good government policy is developed and how it can drive innovation. Will include talks on EPR specific to the plastics industry and other regulatory/environmental updates on federal legislation, including upcoming changes for the industry.



Moderator – Lorraine Royer (General Manager, Government, Stakeholder & Indigenous Relations / Inter Pipeline Ltd.
  • David McKenna
  • Meg O’Shea – Director of Strategic Initiatives / Canada Plastics Pact
  • Catherine Tays – Project Manager in Environment and Climate Change / CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association)

David McKenna

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Meg O' Shea

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Catherine Tays

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Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) – Taking care of Business! Inspire your mind with ways to best manage plastics recycling in your daily operations

A best management practice guideline for facilities in the plastics industry to operate in a manner that keeps plastics out of the environment. A walk through of the program will be provided, including possible regulatory implications. Topic will showcase big and small facilities that have already implement such practices, including their challenges and success stories. APRA will also speak to OCS in terms of what it possibly means for the future, and help demonstrate it is not as scary as some may think!



Moderator – Courtenay Boyda (Vice President / APRA)
  • Shannon Laszlo – Plastics Division Member Relations Manager / Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CIAC)
  • Rick Robinson – Team Lead for Environmental Compliance with the Water Utility / City of Calgary
  • Theo Boven – Director of Product Development / Hood Packaging Corporation
  • Jeremiah Bryska – Applied Chemist – Clean Technologies Team / NAIT

Shannon Laszlo

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Dr. Rick Robinson

Rick will be speaking to us about a successful program aimed at reducing releases of industrial plastics to the Bow River watershed. Through this program, City of Calgary’s Water Utility worked with other agencies, non-government organizations, the Alberta Plastics Recycling Association (APRA) and the plastics industry to identify and reduce the sources of industrial plastics releases to the environment. Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) was used as the foundation upon which facility operators were able to conduct audits of their facilities to identify release points, and to plan and implement improvements in practices and infrastructure to eliminate plastics loss. This work culminated in 2019 with a workshop co-hosted by City of Calgary and APRA, where industry representatives were invited to attend and share Best Management Practices developed through their implementation of OCS.

Subsequent observations in Calgary region waterways and follow up visits at facilities as recent as 2023 confirm that the efforts undertaken were successful at solving the issue – there have been no known pellet releases since, and the highest risk facilities have clearly embraced the principles of OCS. This level of success could not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of all those involved!

Theo Boven

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Jeremiah Bryska

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Innovation and pilot projects – Step by Step! Show off projects that are paving the way for plastics recycling innovation

Will showcase plastic-related projects/products/technologies that are currently in progress for the future.


Panelists: Moderator – Jennifer Woolfsmith (Vice President, Sustainability / NOVA Chemicals)
  • Jesus Atias – Advanced Recycling and Bio Supply Associate Director / DOW
  • Hendrik Dullinger – VP Business Development /EFS Plastics
  • Mehdi Pakravan – Vice-President & Chief Technology Officer /Polykar
  • Kelsey Deutsch – Industrial Surface Chemist – Clean Technologies Team / NAIT



Jesus Atias

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Hendrik Dullinger

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Mehdi Pakravan

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Kelsey Deutsch

Societal pressure, government mandates, and increasing environmental concern surrounding the long-term impact and sustainability of plastics are necessitating the industrial sectors address the increasing demand for more circular plastic options. Challenges associated with the transition to greener materials include the complexity of using recycled content in various plastic-based applications while ensuring product quality, performance, and reliability. To that end, development of polymer-based materials produced with materials and methods that reduce the environmental impact of plastics is needed. One such approach is the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics. Applied research at NAIT has helped industry partners address the challenges of using these materials through development of and testing of PCR containing products. Projects undertaken with industry partners facilitate the creation of more sustainable alternatives to virgin plastics. These initiatives address concerns and develop more environmentally friendly alternatives, driving innovation in the plastics sector.

Success stories – We are the Champions! See what others have done to help advance the plastics circular economy

 Will showcase projects/initiatives that have already happened and are currently in place.


Moderator – Ronda Gras (Senior R&D Scientist of Analytical Science / DOW Canada)
  • Paul Tas – Director of Technical Services / NOVA Chemicals
  • Dean Schultz – General Manager of Heartland Finance / Inter Pipeline Ltd.
  • Abe Dyck – Head of Corporate Development / Aduro Clean Technologies Inc.
  • Tony Moucachen – President and Co-founder / Merlin Plastics

Paul Tas

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Dean Schultz

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Abe Dyck

Plastics are essential in our modern world, but their end-of-life management poses challenges. Current recycling rates are insufficient, leading to incineration and environmental pollution. Aduro Clean Technologies introduces Hydrochemolytic™ Technology, a revolutionary approach.

Hydrochemolytic™ Technology addresses complex plastic waste with an inexpensive catalyst, water, and in-situ hydrogenation, all at moderate temperatures. This process efficiently breaks down carbon-backbone polymers, hydrogenates olefinic bonds, and hydrolyzes condensation polymers, separating monomers and heteroatoms from the hydrocarbon product.

This innovation yields high-purity hydrocarbons with minimal coke and methane formation, low energy
consumption, and low waste. It enables the recovery of valuable carbon from low-quality feedstock, promising a sustainable solution to the plastic waste challenge.

Join us to explore how technology can capture and transform plastic waste, paving the way for a circular plastics economy. Witness the potential of Hydrochemolytic™ Technology to revolutionize plastic recycling and reduce environmental impact.

Keywords: Chemical Recycling, Plastic Waste, Hydrochemolytic™ Technology, Circular Plastics Economy,
Resource Recovery, Low-Emissions Technology

Tony Moucachen

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NAIT Tour: Productivity and Innovation Centre (PIC)

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and Inter Pipeline Ltd. have initiated a $10 million, ten-year research collaboration to advance the reuse and recycling of plastic in Canada and around the world. This Plastics Research in Action (PRIA) initiative funds innovative applied research projects, much of which occurs within our 190,000 square feet Productivity and Innovation Centre (PIC) that is located on the north side of Main Campus.

As home to much of NAIT’s applied research, PIC features solutions for business innovation – much of which relates to productivity:

  • Product testing
  • Technology adoption
  • Training and certifications
  • Productivity and innovation
  • Applied research
  • Industry conferences and events

We have numerous flexible workspaces that are adaptable in size and functionality, which gives our industry partners and clients a place to expand ideas and explore solutions. The A-wing of PIC is a 40,000 square foot space that houses wet labs, the analytical core, two microgrid controllers, and an advanced manufacturing core.

The building is designed to LEED Building and Construction certification standards, recognizing sustainability in design and construction. Solar panels installed above the glass canopy in the main foyer will generate 58 kilowatts of electricity per hour and will be used in distributed energy research.

Please join us for a tour during the Alberta Circular Plastics Day 2024 hosted by the Alberta Plastics Recycling Association (APRA) at PIC on March 14, 2024