Today, the Government of Canada is publishing a Section 46 Notice with respect to reporting of plastic resins and certain plastic products for the Federal Plastics Registry for 2024, 2025 and 2026 in the Canada Gazette, Part I. The Section 46 Notice will require companies (including resin manufacturers, service providers, and producer of plastic products) to provide the Minister of the Environment with information about the lifecycle of plastics in Canada. Through the Notice we are looking to collect information on a large sector of the economy and provide Canadians with meaningful and standardized data on plastic from production to end-of-life, across the country, that can inform actions to prevent plastic pollution and measure the performance of those already in place.

Reporting to the Federal Plastics Registry will start in September of 2025. Users will have access to the Federal Plastics Registry IT system in the second half of 2024. A guidance document is also being drafted to aid companies that are required to report to the Registry.

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Tracey Spack
Director, Plastics Regulatory Affairs Division
Environment and Climate Change Canada
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