On November 19, the Alberta Plastics Recycling Association (APRA) and the City of Calgary hosted an Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) workshop for members of the plastics industry in Calgary. There were 27 in attendance representing 14 companies across the City and region.

OCS is a free program that provides information and a best-practice guide for pellet and flake containment. Companies become OCS signatories and are then expected to implement a plastic-loss management plan throughout their operations and with all employees.

The organizations heard presentations from peers on best practices for OCS implementation including audits, site and equipment upgrades (such as paving rail lines and updating loading and unloading practices), cleaning techniques (styles of vacuums), and staff training and procedures. The group was supportive of one another’s questions and collaborated on solutions and now has a package of resources to take back for their own operations.

Rick Robinson, Team Lead, Environmental Compliance (pictured above) from the City of Calgary Water Resources presented on the City’s compliance and bylaw work around plastics management. Joe Hruska from the Canadian Plastics Industry Association shared updates on international efforts to stop pellet loss through a program with higher levels of monitoring and reporting with OCS Blue.

In April 2019 the APRA Board of Directors set a guideline for its members to sign and adopt OCS by 2022. If you have questions about OCS implementation or the package from the meeting on the 19th please contact tammy@albertaplasticsrecycling.com.