March 4, 2021

The Alberta Plastics Recycling Association (APRA) is pleased to announce it has engaged Eunomia Research & Consulting (Eunomia) and partners to lead the Alberta Plastics Data Project. The project will begin immediately to assess the generation of plastics within industry in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland as announced earlier this year.

Eunomia was founded in 2001 and is at the forefront of resources management research, evaluation and policy. Their international team in Europe, North America and Oceania focuses on plastics issues and research. Eunomia was the leading consultancy to the European Commission (EC) on micro- and macro-plastics, performing the analysis that formed the basis for the Single Use Plastic Directive in 2019 and currently developing guidance for the EC on how to measure recycled content in plastic products – starting with plastics bottles and expanding to other plastics packaging as well as waste and electronic equipment. The company is in the process of producing a series of market reports for Plastic Recyclers Europe that includes analysis for PET, flexible films and other plastic resins. The team has also just recently completed two studies that reviewed different chemical recycling processes: one for Department of Ecology, Washington and one for Chem Trust.

Eunomia has also produced recent reports in Alberta including Quantifying the Value of Alberta’s Recycling Programs and a report on extended producer responsibility for the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) and the City of Calgary.

Eunomia will partner on this project with Alberta-based S-Cubed Environmental and Ontario’s AET Group, Canadian experts in the data gathering and waste composition studies.