Trash Trapping Devices = Technology and innovations that help capture anthropogenic debris from aquatic ecosystems, while collecting data to quantitatively measure our impact

Globally, the contamination of plastic waste in freshwater and marine ecosystems is increasing. We estimate that roughly 30 million tonnes of plastic waste entered aquatic ecosystems in 2020. If we continue business as usual, this number may increase as much as three-fold by 2030. There is no time to waste, and we all must do our part.

This workshop will introduce an initiative where we can all work towards individual and collective goals that do just that.

Date and Time:

  • Workshop will take place over two days: Wednesday March 24 and Thursday March 25 from 1 pm – 4:30 pm EST

Workshop objectives:

  1. To share the value of trash trapping devices and their role in fighting plastic pollution (i.e., plastic pollution prevention and cleanup, measured impact, community outreach).
  2. To motivate collaboration among stakeholders (e.g., marinas and NGOs, or port authorities and Universities) to create their own trash trapping projects.