The Strategy, announced on October 6, lists key priorities including advancing a plastics circular economy in the province. The Natural Gas Vision and Strategy is a key part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan and shares the actions Alberta’s government will take to grow the sector and seize emerging opportunities for clean hydrogen, petrochemical manufacturing, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and plastics recycling. 

Plastics circular economy

  • Goal: Alberta is established as the Western North America centre of excellence for plastics recycling by 2030.
  • A “circular economy” is a concept gaining acceptance within the plastics and recycling industries, in which plastic waste is reused in new products through enhanced recycling techniques and technologies.
  • About 95 per cent of plastic packaging – valued at C$100 billion to C$150 billion – is disposed of after a single use, meaning there is a significant opportunity for plastics producers to recapture that value.
  • A study by Deloitte and Cheminfo Services Inc. suggested that major changes to recycling in Canada could see 90 per cent of plastics avoid landfills by 2030.
  • Alberta is well-positioned to implement a circular economy for plastics thanks to our petrochemical manufacturing industry, lower transportation costs and the development of enhanced recycling technologies within the province.
  • The government has already initiated work on developing a plastics economy in the province by being a member of the Plastics Alliance of Alberta.