Alberta Collaborative Extended Producer Responsibility (ACES) Study

The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, along with the Cities of Edmonton and Calgary, producer representatives, and the Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance, released their “Extended Producer Responsibility for Residential Packaging and Paper Products: Alberta Collaborative Extended Producer Responsibility Study.” The study confirms that a made-in-Alberta solution to EPR for packaging and paper products would bring substantial and immediate benefits to Albertans.

The benefits expected from a made-in-Alberta solution to EPR for packaging and paper products include:

  • Reduce the recycling collection services costs that municipalities charge their residents each year by up to $105 million; this is Albertans’ money and it can be reinvested in other municipal services or provided as a cost saving to municipal residents
  • Add $16 million to the Alberta economy every year
  • Gain approximately 220 new jobs in Alberta’s recycling industry
  • Recycle an additional 21,000 tonnes of packaging and paper products each year
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 72,000 tonnes each year – the equivalent of removing 15,000 cars from the road annually
  • Increase recycling opportunities for rural Alberta and people who live in multi-dwelling residences
  • Make recycling more convenient for Albertans by collecting the same materials province-wide
  • Incentivize industry to design products that are more efficient to collect and recycle
  • Incentivize industry to invest in recycling innovations and infrastructure

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