APRA member Grant Harrington is actively involved in the plastics  business. His latest venture is working with a company called Outlook Plastic out of Nobleford, AB. The production method, called Flow Molding, extrudes melted co-mingled plastic and molds it into decking, insert beams, fence posts, parking curbs and barrier posts. They receive the plastic to be recycled from Camrose, Medicine Hat, and Cochrane, among others and transform plastic paint pails and any broken trays. The products are 100% post-consumer and post-industrial high density polyethylene (HDPE).


“Each product is manufactured through the extrusion process with our proprietary molds to provide a wide variety of options for our clients,” remarks Grant. “Through premier material and profile options we can meet most needs in today’s market.”


Those needs include providing insert beams for concrete or aluminum form manufacturing, and the market extends mostly to the south of the boarder where the demand is high for plastic beams.


The posts last 80-100 years, two or three times the life of wood products for an increase of about a third of the cost.

Contact Grant for more info: gh@west-can.com, 403-329-1713

Brochure link with pricing